Mystery press?

Hi there! I’ve been looking for a starter tabletop press for a while and this press popped up on my neighborhood page. Unfortunately, the seller hasn’t used it in 20 years and recalls very little. Can anyone help identify the manufacturer? Platen base appears to be 10.25 inches.

Thank you!

image: 45695063_10215774804794898_1385245013021032448_n.jpg


image: 45754073_10215774800914801_48443245369229312_n.jpg


image: 57088248_420686335377461_7397238679460118528_n.jpg


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It sure looks like a Sigwalt Ideal, but I can’t tell about the size, because the chase is not visible. The painted decoration is typical Sigwalt. It looks like maybe a 5x8 press ( length and width inside the chase ). They are very fine little presses, and rollers and trucks should be readily available. If you have the chase, you should be able to clean it up and start printing. Depending on what you want to print, there are several good sources for supplies.


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Greetings, Good Luck, and Good thinking for posting on B.P.

Just a remote possibility, that if You can navigate Your way around the back posts and archives of B.P. about 12 months ago +/-, there was a post requesting, maybe, info for the same machine as Yours, it stood out metaphorically, because the Side Lever was seemingly in the wrong position and attitude.

Apologies for a possible *Red Herring* ? - - Mick U.K.

Stet !