Type Identification - 18pt Metal Type

Hello everyone! I have a new-to-me type cabinet that came with type and there are a couple of typefaces that I’d love to identify. I didn’t see any pin marks and couldn’t find either typeface in the ATF type specimen book I have (circa 1940s-50s).

I think the top one is Rivoli or a derivative of that typeface. I know I’ve seen the bottom one before, but can’t place the name.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

image: 20190418_173538_edit2.jpg


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Rivoli. The sans-serf face appears to be Franklin Gothic Condensed.

Nickel Plate Press

Here’s a close up of the sans-serif face—-I’m not sure Franklin Gothic Condensed would have the shading/inline like this does.

image: 20190418_173538_cropped.jpg


It looks like ATF’s Franklin Gothic Condensed Shaded. Morris Fuller Benton is credited as the designer of Franklin Gothic Condensed in 1906. The 1923 ATF catalog says the shaded face was patented on April 9, 1918, but McGrew says it first came out in 1912.

Thanks Bob and Michael!

I didn’t notice the shading in the original photos. Yes, Franklin Gothic Condensed Shaded. You are lucky to have this relatively rare type, and it looks like it isn’t worn out. The shading is delicate and deep-impression printing will ruin it.

Nickel Plate Press

Interesting Michael! I’m assuming it’s somewhat rare since most printers probably didn’t need the shaded version for most things?

I’ve only printed these samples with it so far, so we’ll see how the rest of the type is as far as condition. The cabinet and type were very, very dirty so I’m just getting around to actually seeing what was in the cabinet, even though I picked this up almost a year ago now. The cabinet has been refinished, but the type is still a little dirty.

And yes, no deep impression for any of my metal/wood type. I leave my deep impression stuff to polymer plates when the need arises.