Adding a motor to C&P 12x18

I am looking to add a motor to a new style Chandler and Price 12x18 press and need to find the following requirements: RPM, Horsepower and voltage. I have found some general references but was hoping someone who has (or had) a similar set up might have more current information. Thank you!

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My bad, I read the size wrong. Better stick with the other suggestions.

Are you hand feeding this? Is the press ready to be powered? did it have power before, and if so, how much of that system is available?
First off, doe you have one of these 2 flywheels on it?

image: newbelt.jpg


image: flatbelt.jpg


Thank you for your response. I will be hand feeding it. In its previous life the press was belt driven from a common drive running multiple machines. The only thing left from the previous setup is the belt. The press does have a flywheel like one in the photos you provided (see attached) and is ready to be powered.

image: Press5.jpeg


That “flywheel” is called a Horton pulley. Looks like you might be missing the lever that operates it. Picture and info at the link below. When we purchased our press it had one of these too. I removed it, installed a new large diameter pulley for a standard V Belt which slowed down the base speed. I bought the pulley it from McMaster Carr. I also used a cheap VFD drive to give speed control - which is a great bonus as I didn’t want to rely only on the Horton pulley. If you use a standard motor and small diameter pulley on the motor, the Horton Pulley will be too small and the press will run very fast. There are other posts on Briar Press talking about the details, I’ll try to find one.

Here’s the post discussing details. Great information.

how’s your project coming along?