SP-20/SP-25 Inking Improvement

New IMPROVED Form Roller Block Kit for the SP-20/SP-25 inking system.

Fritz of NA Graphics has designed and had manufactured NEW SOLID Form Roller Supports and Bearing Block Assemblies for the SP-20 and SP-25 Vandercook’s.

On the fourth of July 2019 Dave and Beth Seat installed the first of these NEW inking system kits on a Vandercook SP-20 serial number 22475.

The press operators were amazed at the difference that this kit made in the quality of the inking on this press. Comments were “This press has never printed this well since we restored it even after installing new rollers”, “These parts look great and they are so solid, no more messing with keeping the rollers in the supports”.

CONTACT FRITZ: 970-387-0212
EMAIL: [email protected]

Pictures can be sent upon request. Please email Dave Seat at [email protected] for the pictures of these new items.

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Paul Moxon showed me some pictures of this modified setup. I was very impressed!


daveseat, Do you have images you can post?
thanks james

Dave and Beth put the above-mentioned form roller supports and bearing block assemblies on the SP20 that I print on at the Shelburne Museum in Vermont.

They are fantastic!

We print a series of alphabet broadsides that we sell at the museum store. I generally print 200-300 at a time. Inking has always been problematic. I jury-rigged some leads on the old roller sockets which got me by, but didn’t print the finer details well.

It’s a different story now. I flew through printing 300 copies of a 2 color job today. The inking was perfect. I feel like we have a brand new press. I did not have to adjust the rollers at all. They stayed true and solid.

I highly recommend these improved sockets for anyone who has difficulty with their inking on the original sockets. They are solid steel, perfectly machined and fit right in to replace the old ones.

See the attached pictures of before and after.

image: oldsockets.jpg


image: newsockets.jpg