Letterpress videos - overviews and instructional

Letterpress videos are becoming quite popular on the Internet. We are collecting a list of educational and instructional clips. Here are several you may wish to review:

Firefly Press: Defining letterpress printing - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yE0OoWX6TQs&mode=related&search=

Explanation of letterpress case, leads, furniture, and demo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yE0OoWX6TQs&mode=related&search=

“The Creation of a Printing Type,” a silent film from the 1930’s showing Frederic Goudy creating his typeface Goudy Saks, plus a number of other printing related videos: http://www.typeculture.com/academic_resource/movies/

Moving, assembling, and printing on an 1880’s Marinoni cylinder press in Belgium: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRjoOTFKZDw&mode=related&search=

Feel free to post other instructional videos with a brief explanation of their content.

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Here is the place to go…

Get on Youtube.com and search letterpess.

http://www.semisans.com/letterpress_showcardpress.php is also a cool video.

I stumbled across this video of The Monotype Composing-Casting Machine back in February of 2006 on the The Tipoteca’s Museum website. I emailed myself the link so I wouldn’t forget about it.

Here it is for you all to enjoy.



Updated. There are a few old letterpress related instructional films on www.archive.org. Try searching moving images for letterpress, typesetting, linotype, etc.. There are some real gems. Some industrious fella has started selling these as a collection on eBay, but they are public domain and free off the site.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

Absolutely superb video of a Cossar Flat-Bed Web Newspaper Press, built in 1907, and still operational in the 1980s here:
The owner said it was possible to balance a coin on its edge on the frame of the machine, whilst it was going at full speed, without it falling over! That was after 80 years of continuous use!

Dave Hughes
Yesterday’s Technology … Today!

Just came across this old film from the Encyclopaedia Britannica Films. Not really helpful in starting your own shop, but a nice bit of history.


As I was printing tickets and posters for Frenchtown’s annual River Moon Film Festival, the client (a film maker himself) shot some video, then edited it into an appealing little piece - including a musical audio track. I’m also adding videos of my own to the site now and then as well - http://excelsiorpress.org/index.inner.html#video
(hint: play the YouTube versions - they load and play instantly.)

- Alan

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What a wonderful idea this is. Here in Australia it is easy to feel a little isolated without having easy access to letterpress courses and other young people participating in the new generation of letterpress printing.

Thank you everyone for compiling this list of videos :)