Brass Pull Knobs on Hamilton 1/4 case cabinet

I’m looking for small brass pull knobs for my 1/4 case cabinet. Most of the drawers have a screw or nothing. The second picture is two of the knobs I have removed. I’m trying to restore the cabinet and if anyone has a resource to purchase these knobs I would be very grateful.


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can’t see your photo save as a pdf make smaller if needed.
you have good taste these are the only brass design I have seen the original cast iron are nice to most were stamped steel. The patina makes them dark with a quick buff they shine like new. they are hard to come by I have some. click on my name.or punch it in your computer. let me know your needs. or show me what you are thinking of.

image: CIMG2375 (2).JPG

CIMG2375 (2).JPG