Universal 1 inking: type high??

Question for the fellow Vandercook fans: for a Universal 1 that is set to .968 printing with no adjustable bed, is there any way for the rollers and/or inking carriage to be lowered to type high? In other words, to use the press’s inking system do we have to print from a galley (or use a galley height bed sheet)?

Thanks for sharing your advice.

Dan w.

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While i’m sure it could be done, the standard practice is add a bed plate.

The amount of packing you will be dealing with on the cylinder and the variables that will introduce, and loss of roller adjustment range would probably cause more hair pulling out than you will save just getting a bed plate.


Yes, if there’s no easy alternate setting, then the bed plate it is.

Bed plates aren’t a terrible thing to use. Just get some .040” hot rolled steel cut to the size of the bed, clean the bed off really well and wipe a little oil onto it before applying the plate, and make sure to do the same to the underside of the plate. The maintenance here that people frequently overlook is the removal of the plate, cleaning, and re-oiling of the bed/plate bottom.

Aside from that, it’s not really too different from printing without one, IMO.

HavenPress…wouldn’t you want 0.050” bedplate?

You should use cold rolled steel and the .050” thickness.

I bought a bed plate for our Uni-1 from NA graphics. It’s sized for the SP-15 and leaves a little gap at the edge but otherwise works great.