part of rollers not inking

i’m a newbie and everything was going great with my 12x18 C&P. now all hell is breaking loose it seems. for one, my rollers won’t ink on parts. they are definitely touching the ink disc and they roll throughout the whole cycle (no skidding) , so i’m assuming i didn’t clean the rollers properly? i’ve read so many conflicting reports on how to properly clean the ink disc and rollers. i do what the previous owner taught me - i use some crisco or vegetable oil to get the ink off. then go back with simple green to clean off the oil. but as you can see in the photos, ink just won’t go on these parts of the rollers and therefore my images always have parts that don’t have much ink on the paper. any advice? thank you!

image: rollerleft.jpg


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Is it just that one edge on the bottom roller? Are you getting the full range of travel in your rollers? This looks like the roller just isn’t making its way all the way up the ink disc. I’d have to check my own press but it could just be a limitation of the machine. If you’d inked that part of the rollers before, though, then I’d first investigate that your roller travel isn’t somehow inhibited.

I’m not certain I see anything in the photo that demonstrates your problem.

I would ditch the Crisco and water-based cleaner. Unless you or your family have allergies to mild solvents or rental agreements which limit the use of solvent, odorless mineral spirits is the best all-round cleaner to use for rollers.

John Henry
Cedar Creek Press

C&Ps (and many other presses) won’t ink that corner of the roller. See this video:

But don’t worry. I don’t think it is physically possible to have type that close to the edge. You’ve got to account for at least the chase width and some reglet.

I suspect your ‘non-inking’ type is far inboard from this edge of the roller, and is probably due to trucks being too large diameter compared to the roller. Or if there is tape or gunk on the roller rails. (Or you’re using a plate that’s not type high.)

To eliminate all future problems with inking, get a gallon of press wash from your local paper house or from a supplier that will ship. Criso and soap of any kind are not Chemically compatible. Don’t leave your rollers over your ink disc or they will form flat spots.

it was the crisco! used california wash and all good now!