Chandler and Price 8x12 Into a Basement

I was told by a local letterpress printer that an 8x12 should fit through a standard door way.
I was looking online and I have found some mixed reviews about whether or not it will and now I am nervous that once I get it. It won’t fit lol. The one I am looking at getting is an 1880s old style with a motor.
I know the flywheel can be removed to shave off a few inches.
Also, I know its possible because others have done it. But I will need the press to be moved down a could small sets of stairs (5 steps each). Do you guys have any advice for doing so? I have seen mixed methods of doing it in my search.

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My 8x12 OS press is in the basement but got there in pieces as it was unassembled when I bought it. Taking it all apart is an option, but should be a last resort. A C&P in the closed position is slightly smaller sideways than front-to-back if you take off the delivery table. Also door frames are removable and that will give you a few inches. I’ve pulled a number of C&P presses up stairwells out of basements and was always able to figure out a way to make it work. The 12x18 was the hardest and it did have to come completely apart. And was successfully put back together. It’s not always easy, but should be doable.

When you move something in, always consider how someone can get it out. This is especially useful advice for top-heavy, cast iron equipment. The flywheel is easy to remove (or should be). The ink disc lifts off. Removing the drive shaft makes it narrow enough to fit through a door, but it is still on the north side of 1500 pounds. Make sure you clamp the press closed, using iron c-clamps. If it is blessed with strong skids, you may be able to slide it down a straight run of cellar steps with a pulley or come-along. Best of luck, and remember, they don’t make these any more.

Um… for something that heavy and that fragile (if you drop it, it might well break) I would hire somebody who does this professionally. Yes, it will cost you money, but nobody will get crushed under the press when it falls down the steps. It’s not a pilot.