More font identification puzzles

Hello. I have sorted more unlabeled cases and have new puzzles. My favorite is the beautiful (albeit unknown to me) script! Thank you for your time and expertise.

image: IMG_3648.jpg


image: IMG_3647.jpg


image: IMG_3646.jpg


image: IMG_3645.jpg


image: IMG_3643.jpg


image: IMG_3642.jpg


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I can identify one typeface for you. No. 3646 seems to be some lower case sorts of Jenson Heavyface, designed by J.W. Phinney and came out from ATF in 1899.

The others are not familiar to me. I suspect no one has responded to the first and last two photos (3648, 3642, 4643) because they are small type the photos are not very clear, and such fine-lined typefaces need a good proof of the alphabet (not the entire font) to ID them. If there are any pin marks, that information would also be helpful.

3648 could be any of Marina, Society or Palace Script.

3647 is Goudy Old Style. The perky ‘g’ ear gave it away.

Good catch on the script, Simon! Marina looks like a match. BTW, here’s a version with interlocking bodies.

ooh, I hate that body with a passion!