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I would seem to be the oddest. I just...21 May
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Just use the type. I wipe it up with...18 Mar
Thanks very much. It was extracted...2 Jan
My rollers are: Overall shaft length...18 Aug
It's quite close to the Basuto online...28 Jun
If you're thinking of making a solid...4 Nov
I just dipped my type in shellac to...3 Nov
ooh, I hate that body with a passion!3 Nov
I moved my guillotine by taking it to...3 Nov
Worst case scenario you can make one...3 Nov
This looks to be a roll pin. It's...3 Nov
3648 could be any of Marina, Society or...3 Nov
I have talked to a guy who uses a...3 Nov
No problems - I looked at the press and...25 Aug
I recall reading somewhere that...19 Aug
I checked with Caslon - no longer on...19 Aug
The first place I'd start - as the...30 Jul
I'm with Nick - if you don't have to do...30 Jul
A great shame - his flickr archive was...1 May
Stacking type really is the passtime of...18 Mar
Covering trucks in tape is a bit like...18 Mar
That is one crazy fast platen. From...5 Mar
Yes, I've heard of people using...12 Feb
Final product with a bit of cleaning...12 Feb
Thanks very much for the info. Every...12 Feb
Yes, that would throw everything out....6 Feb
Having just been through this I agree...2 Jan
I have exactly this model, right up to...12 Dec
I'm a fan of the lanolin spray. The...26 Nov