Servo Conversion Update - High Torque @ Low Speed


We have a new clip that shows the power of the new servo’s high torque capability, running the cylinder really slowly on a large solid form on our Vandercook 232P here:

We’d like to call it Vandercook 232S, S for servo LOL.

We love how quiet it is now, too.

Okay, the topic of the images pressed are political in nature but that’s not why we are here for, so let’s not go in the deep end on the matter, please :)

The above clip, as all our clips with music, has been flagged for © violation/claims even tho’ we used only publicly available ©-free music. The bots are working hard, we guess! It will take up to 30 days for these to clear, and in the meanwhile, the flagged clips cannot be found on searches unless you have the actual link.


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Yeah hey Taro, I noticed you don’t have any packing wrapped around the cylinder of the press. Is this press an AB (Adjustable Bed)?

LOL. So busted…

We usually use clear inkjet printer plastic (acetate?) sheets instead of a paper tympan (so much easier to clean up - as you can see from the video, we make a lot of mistakes) but the ones we had were only 24” wide and the poster is about 30” tall pressed horizontally…

I think there is a slight diameter differentials that may cause a slippage as the cylinder spins on a fixed pinion?

But it prints fine and easy to clean up so the “packing” is done by adding sheet(s) below the paper being pressed…. As you can see in the video, there are several plates for the first poster. Some needs a little lift from below with cut-to-shape sheets of varying thickness of paper - and sometimes blue tape…

ps: there were some mistakes on the video and we added a section on laser engraving so the new video is up and the new URL has been edited into the original post above. The original link no longer points to the video. Thanks for watching!

Speaking of tympan, we now have a video of a Mylar tympan installation on our Vandercook:—4M


The press suffered from a lack of consistency with respect to impression placement from one to the next. Color registration was quite a crap-shoot with no apparent reasons even after being super careful with everything.

The image would shift a lot… No consistent directions or any clues as to why it was doing this.

Well, we are happy to report now that the color registration is spot on.

We are running the cylinder quite slowly and we’ve made a beefier paper guide with a support that hangs over the paper as it departs. May be that’s why???

This week, we experimented with printing black first on a 3 color portrait ( black/blue/red order) using the maximum printable width on the press (31.5”). The registration was quite good such that the unintended and undesired lower contrast of the resulting image after the red layer (mostly because we added white to make the blue lighter) was corrected by the subsequent TWO black layers on top with no negative issues of off-registered black layers.

The three day process can be seen here:


The height of the paper is 31.5”

image: vandercook 3 color portrait.jpg

vandercook 3 color portrait.jpg