Key Stock Size for C&P Pilot

I’m need to know what size key stock I need for my 6.5x10 Pilot. I’ve attached a image of the slot. It’s for the pull lever.

image: 50DA60F5-1390-4C2C-922F-1201EECB7B73.jpeg


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measure lenbth x width of the slot. looks like a half-moon, or woddruff key. prob available at a good hardware store. otherwise,

Thanks Eric, exactly what I need

It’s ok, good actually, to have to tap, GENTLY, the new key into the slot. it may need to be filed a bit on the sides, to fit. Make sure the slot is not “burred over” clean that up if needed.
Use a piece of brass or hardwood against the key so as not to dent it at all when seating into the slot.

A machinist/printer friend (Hi Don!) told me that woodruff keys need to be milled and tapered to fit each individual slot. You may be able to do it with a vise and file if you’re careful.