Hello and Treadle wanted

Hello Briar Press community

I have just purchased a Chandler and Price Craftsman 10x15 new style from a printers.

It was used mostly for die cutting but had not been used for about 20 years, it appears to be in reasonable working condition.

I’m looking forward to servicing every part I can and getting it back up and running. I’m yet to source any furniture or type etc but I have some leads local to me.

Does anyone have a spare treadle and hook to suit this machine? I’m looking to purchase one if I can find one for a cheap price, otherwise I will just make one up (I am a general engineer). I saw some for sale online but they were several times the purchase cost of my press.

I’ve checked and my machine does have a crankshaft.

I’ve just checked the serial number and its C78011, does anyone have any information on this? I cant seem to find it on any charts. Maybe I have misread it.

Thanks :-)

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I have a treadle, and I *think* it’s the right size. I don’t have a hook, though.

Can you confirm the measurement of the treadle you need, and I’ll measure the one I have?

Thanks for your reply! That is fine if you don’t have a hook.

I believe the treadle I am after should be around 41” long.


Sounds like your press is probably not a Craftsman model but a New Series 10x15. That serial number puts it after that model was discontinued, though. Do you have a photo of the serial number you can post or link to?


Hi Brad,

I cant get a photo of the serial number at the moment, I have the press wrapped up in tarpaulins on my driveway. I’m hoping to get it into a shed over the christmas break.

Here is one photo of the press I do have from its classified


I think that most likely I misread a 6 as an 8 which would mean my actual serial number will be C76011. This seems to make the most sense.


Looks like a normal 10x15 NS C&P, though with a very different fountain from what I had. There’s also an unfamiliar lever behind the platen (remains of hand guard?).
The Craftsman models I have seen had four form rollers, adjustable tracks, and an impression adjustment knob on the back.

I think the lever you have spotted is a part I was going to ask about when I could get a better photo.
There is a shaft attached to the back if the platen with three smaller shafts sticking out of it, one of which I believe is the part you have identified, but none of it attached to anything.

Another point of interest is it has a foot operated brake on the far wheel, I haven’t really seen that in searching for information so far, although I imagine the pad is probably asbestos.

Brake pad on mine is leather

I had a standard bolt-on foot brake on my C&P, and it might have had a leather pad, but I think I’ve seen wood on other brakes.
The impression adjustment I’ve seen moves the eccentric back shaft, just as the throw-off lever does, but in small increments.
I wondered about hand guard because there were several different designs, but I think all had an attachment right about there. They all push the hand up if left on the closing platen, maybe with a canvas cover..

Contact Bindery Tool in Meyerstown, Pa. I’m pretty sure he has a treadle for a 10x15