Platen adjustment?

Ok, so in order to get an impression, I have to use ALOT of packing…which, I think, is causing some slight sluring on some small type (I am using polymer plates). I am guessing that my Platen needs to be adusted. Anyone had any advise? Please!

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I think we need more info before anyone could give you useful advice. What kind/size of press is it? When you say “a lot” of packing, how much are you talking about (how many sheets of pressboard, paper)? And how much impression are you trying to get?

If the impression is even throughout the plate, you may not need to adjust your platen. Pictures of the impression would help too.

Good Luck.

Thanks for responding…I have a C&P 12x18 Craftsman style press. I need to use 6 sheets to get a very light impression. When I look at the impression, it looks like the type is shifting slightly to the right.

I will take a few pics and upload them tonight.