Trucks worn down?

We’re just begun using the boxcar system on our C&P 8x12 and 10x15 presses. I’m excited about it, but still working out the kinks. We’re relativley new to these presses too, which has made trouble-shooting a bit difficult. The issue is that when I go to ink the type, the entire plate and boxcar base end up with ink on them, and thus I end up with an impression of the plate and base as well.
It seems like there should be a simple solution to this issue, but I’m just not sure what it is. Wondering if maybe my trucks are worn down too low and causing the problem? I just ordered new ones— might this be the problem?

image: spoon_scan2.jpg

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I also have a c&p 8x12 and use the boxcar base. I encountered the very same problem, but the fix was pretty easy. If your trucks are very old it’s possible that they are worn down, but you’ll probably need to build up your rails with masking tape or metal strips so that your rollers don’t hit the plate so hard. Good luck!

The rails can also wear down over the years. I’ve built up mine (three c+p’s and a few kelseys) with thin layers of plexiglass and double stick tape (Alvin makes a great one). Works like a charm, and it a bit more resilient than masking tape.