I have an old letterpress Peerless machine produced by Cropper Charlton of Nottingham England with inside chase of 11x7” albeit with a broken fly wheel. Any ideas how there as to where I can sourse out this part.

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Hi, I recently encountered a similar problem, but also required several other parts as well as the flywheel for this particular model. Eventually, I ended up purchasing a complete machine which had various parts missing (luckily, not the parts I required). I eventually ended up with a fully operational machine by picking the best parts from both machines. Good luck, John.

Me again, John: I will double check on the size, but I think I have exactly this press gathering dust,needing some slight repair to the arms that support the ink disc. Are you sure that the flywheel cannot be repaired ? I know of a guy in Lancing,West Sussex , a steam engine engineer, who certainly could do it.
What diameter size is the flywheel from your machine ?

If you are in the UK talk to Harry Rochat, the workshop is North London. They are experienced in repairing old presses.

Gentlemen…. I know that 4 years have passed…. but hopefully it is never too late… never too late to say thank you for your comments above which I totally missed and never followed up as circumstances soon after took away my attention from this post.

Thank you again and all the best