Foil draw length

I have a 10 x 15 windmill with a factory foil unit. It has the under mounted 1/2inch 200 foot roll capacity. I am trying to figure out how long a foil pull it can make. I see the gears on the end of the puller rod measure 7 inches but I don’t know if that equals 7 inches draw length. Is it a multiplier effect “IE 1 inch gear equals 2 inch pull. “

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Suffice it to say, there is no sense for having a maximum draw length longer than the chase. Assuming the same unit was applied to 10 x 13 and 13 x 18 presses, the maximum should be 13 or 14 inches.

If you have a project requiring such a long draw, making up a second roller holder would be handy for speeding up roll changes.

We carefully tried a max pull and got about 9 inches with some variation.