Josiah Wade Arab press

Hello folks

Sorry me again. Firstly thank you to Albion press and Thomas gravemaker for commenting last time. It turns out the parts I couldn’t identify are part of the later hand guard. I’m almost there, I think I’m missing one connecting rod (the vertical one rather than the horizontal one) I was wondering if anyone out there has an Arab with the hand guard attached so I might be able to see I’ve got everything in the right place : ) kindest regards in advance. K

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Let me have have a look through my photos. Before I started restoring my own two Arab presses, I was able to photograph the press in the Science Museum in London. I was allowed behind the barrier. I’ve no longer got the negatives, but do know that I’ve got two 4 x 5 inch colour prints of them. Send me an e-mail as a reminder and I’ll scan high resolution images for you.