FAG proofing press help

Having relocated a FAG proofing press the machine is not moving smoothly, the cylinder has become ‘heavy’ and hard to move along the press. When the cylinder returns to the feeder board it returns hard and generally the cylinder has lost its ‘bounce’. I think one of the bearers is not rolling but I’m not sure this is the entire problem. Any advice very gratefully received! Thanks so much

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What model FAG press is it? Maybe you’ve got some photos and can upload them?
And, have you checked this: https://proofpress.ch
The website dedicated to the FAG machines…

Hi Thomas, thanks. It’s a CP 50 Standard. Yes of course, photos would help… The press is listed on the site, next step is also to see if Dafi has any advice plus other owners if same model. Need to rename photos to upload here.