Sludge Trough (Wash Up Tray)

Hello everybody! Can someone please tell me where can I buy a Wash Up Tray for OHT 10*15“?

I am engaged in letterpress printing in St. Petersburg (Russia). I bought a press but he didn’t has it in the kit… The printing process gives me great pleasure, but unfortunately washing off the ink makes the job very slow …

ps Or someone does not use it and can sell it maybe?

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Try UK ebay and type in “Heidelberg platen parts”.
There is an ad offering parts if you contact them.
Good luck

Hello Frank!

Yes, I already examined the whole offer on Ebay but unfortunately I didn’t find anything. But thanks for your reply!

I have already sent a request to
I hope they help!

check out:
in Germany.
Or put your request (free of charge) in English on:
There is good chance of finding something in Europe and not paying the transport costs that you’ll have when your parts have to come from the USA. And don’t forget to check out with the manufacturer:

Many thanks, Thomas!
I’ll write to them

I wrote in and they have the most pleasant price so far)

I have located a trough in the UK if you are still interested.
It is from Linecasting Machinery (where I bought my windmill from) The Contact is Mike Kirby - email
[email protected]

2frank hemmings

Many thanks for the contact! I will write to him today necessarily. But in general, it seems I already found what I was looking for - from the guys from Impression Works

Thank you all for the answers! God bless us!

In the end, I was able to agree and ordered from Mike Kirby. Thanks again to Frank Hemmings!