Recently Purchased Tabletop Press (Identification & Parts Help)

I recently purchased my first press for my home use. The buyer didn’t know anything about presses, so there wasn’t much description other than a few photos. While I’m waiting for it to come in, I wanted to look at a few parts that I can tell that I needed.

After a little bit of research, it looks to me that it is a Sigwalt 3x5. I wanted to confirm this and ask if anyone knew where to purchase two rollers and other replacement parts for Sigwalt tabletop presses (if that’s what it is).

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Here is a photo:

image: tabletop.jpg


Im a newbie too - started with a platen press last year.

I had good luck dis-assembling as much as possible and soaking every part in 50 mix of vinegar and lemon juice for 24 hours…then a good scrub, and a bit of elbow grease and a scotch brite pad, and dry with compressed air thoroughly. Finally oil up all the newly cleaned surfaces well and reassemble. Not difficult and fun to refurbish. I have had good success with Todds presstime rollers, no association with the site just good experience. Prompt response to emails. But I am sure there are other sources.

Last - a Falstrom gauge is extremely handy to level the platen and set roller height, as a newbie myself I find it super helpful.

@jlaart, congrats!
I recently bought my own Sigwalt #11 press (it was incomplete) and everyone told me how hard it would be to find missing parts for it. Luckily enough, it took me 20 days and I fount an identical press that was complete and now I will have it as a back up in case I ever end up needing parts. I do recommend Todds Presstime Rollers too! I worked with Todd (don’t know him personally though) and he is great! I don’t see much in the photo that is missing. You have your ink disc which is what I didn’t have in my first Sigwalt press. You have your chase bed which is great too! have you checked if it came with a chase?

Great! I will check out Todds!

Thanks @wixtedjj — I will definitely look into getting a Falstrom gauge.

It is scheduled to arrive Tuesday-Thursday, so I will be able to take a deeper look at it then to see if it has a chase.

Do you have any suggestions @irinafrancis on where to get a chase if it doesn’t have one?

I don’t

I have a bunch of chases for 3 x 5 tabletops.. if you can send pics with measurements of the chase bed maybe one will be correct for you..
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The chase is shown in the photo. Top of chase is the curved piece of iron below the ink disk, extending between the rails… if missing you’d be seeing an empty space when the press is in the closed position as in your photo.

Butch is correct. Based on your photo chase is present. Todd’s Presstime is great resource for rollers. As far as anything else you will need to get started such as quoins and keys, tympan sheets, furniture, gauge pins, type, spacing material….I can provide it all. Feel free to call with any questions or for any needs.
Larry 516-633-5107