Letterpress Movers - Vancouver, BC Area

Does anyone know of a moving company that will move letterpress equipment in the Vancouver BC area? I am looking to move a platen C&P into my basement.

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Or, if anyone knows how much moving costs should be (approximate) please let me know, I’m going in blind on this one…I’m guessing around $1,000 to move a press?

Most of us south of the Canadian border can’t help you with a specific recommendation. We can only comment in a philosophical way. We would look for an equipment mover, or rigger, or rigging company in the yellow pages of the phone book. You would inquire if they were experienced in moving a letterpress. If they ask what that is, they probably are not.
An 8 X 12 down a straight and wide stairway wouldn’t be too hard. A larger press or a stairway with a right angle turn would be challanging.
You will need three people and the cost will be a function of time. Figure the wages of the three and double that to allow for the equipment and profit. That is a starting figure. Is it on site or will they have to move it from another location?
If the prospective rigger doesn’t recognize that the iron beast is top heavy, find another firm.
Think outside of the box a bit. Would it be easier to disassemble it and move it in pieces? This would best be done with an old letterpress printer to guide you how to take it apart.
You are right to look for a professional equipment mover/rigger if you have no experience doing this. I have moved a number of presses, and no two moves are the same. Haste or lack of respect for a big piece of iron can lead to grief. One can get hurt.
Good luck and tell us how it went.