Embossing using photopolymer plate material for die

Has anyone ever used photopolymer plate material as a die for cold embossing? Seems like it should be possible for some projects.


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I have a book about press troubleshooting that has something about that in it. Some of the answer is quite cryptic but from what I could decipher you should be able to make a counter for short runs out of plaster of paris but it did not say how. I personally would not. It also required resetting your press to acomodate the die counter heigth.

What you could try is getting a 90pt blotter paper like what they make coasters with and put it under your tympan sheet. Make sure you image is right reading and not reversed. Feed your paper backwards so when you pull it out your image is right reading on the correct side of the paper. You will have soft edges and may seriously stress the paper out doing this and crack it in places but it might work depending on the artwork.

Personally I would stick to using the correct method and save the headache. Have a die made!


Gene Becker has a page on his website about blind embossing with photopolymer plates.