Ink fountain blade + keys + ductor (windmill)


I disassembled the blade of my inkwell to clean the ink residues, but since I put it back, the keys have scratched my duct roller !!! I do not understand why !!! I put the 4 screws back correctly but nothing was done, I have the impression that the keys touch the ductor (which is not normal …). Do you have any idea what is happening?
Thanks for your help.
(I attach the photos).

image: IMG_8539.jpg


image: IMG_8540.jpg


image: IMG_8541.jpg


image: IMG_8542.jpg


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The screw should not be able to hit the roller. It is possible the blade is not sitting all the down and the screw is sliding under it hitting the rollers. There may be a bur on the ink plate on the top edge. Run you hand along to see if a rough spot is there. With the crud under the plate gone the plate sits a little different. Clean out the area around the end of the roller where tray bracket slides in. It is possible build up is preventing the tray from going all the way up into position. Back the screws off pressure on the tray. Loosen the screws holding the ink blade in place and put the push the blade up into position and tighten it with the underside locking screw. You should be able to fine tune the blade position to get it in the right spot, tighten the screws that hold the ink blade in place. Since your marks were only on one side you may have been a little tilted to the one side. With the adjusting screws backed off pressure you may also be able to use a feeler gauge test the gap.

a few things to keep in mind:
The keys should never protrude past the blade
The blade should never actually touch the fountain roller after keys are set (that’s when you get a scored fountain roller)
The blade will wear and eventually taper like a knife. When blade is new it has a flat grind (not tapered)
If your blade is worn, then you can take the 10mm bolts out and have them turned down a tad so you can push the blade forward.