Vandercook 2 Cylinder Texture

Hello all, I’ve been cleaning up a Vandercook 2 Showcard Press and there is a texture on the cylinder that I don’t know how to deal with. I’ve done naval jelly as well as vinegar and lemon juice to get rid of rust on various parts of the press (oiling afterwards), and this pebbly texture remains. Do I need to do anything about this? Will it affect printing? I have yet to try crocus cloth or any fine abrasive as from reading other posts, it seems abrasives are a very last resort.

image: vandercook.jpg


image: cylinder.jpg


image: cylinderclose.jpg


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Just try printing with it. If the printing goes well, then there’s no problem. It’s likely that the tympan and packing (hard packing is what you want) will completely mask this texture.