Identify type and age?

Hi All,
Its been a long time since I visited the forum.
So I am a washboard maker in Ontario Canada and get questions all the time about the age of antique washboard that were made by my company in the past. Canadian Woodenware Co was started about 1906 and made thousands of washboards over the years.
Two washboards, “Pearl and “Ideal” are printed with the same 1” high metal type with the odd font. Is there any way to figure out by the font of a possible age of it? That would help alot in dating some of the wood washboards from the past.
I still use this original type for washboard printing!
Would thank you in advance for any thoughts!!

image: fullsizeoutput_607.jpeg


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The typeface is based on Egyptian Ornamented, first shown in 1870 by Wm. Page, according to Rob Roy Kelly’s wood type book, and in a more condensed version. Yours is more squat, and in 1906 was not so up-to-date. But though you say it is metal, could it be iron letters? They were used to print hard surfaces like feed bags and, maybe as here, wood. I don’t know who made those fonts, nor styles available.