What model/year is this Heidelberg T Platen?

Hi there!

Shouting out to the letterpress community as I’m new to this and would love some help!

I have found this press online and I’m interested in knowing more about it. Could anyone please tell me what year/model this looks to be? Your help would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

image: Heidelberg_TPlaten.jpg


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you would need to get the serial number for accuracy, ask the seller what it is and repost.

Seller doesn’t know where to find serial number… Are you able to help with that? Thanks for your help!

Its stamped at this right front corner, see arrow.

image: Heidelberg_TPlaten.jpg


Thankyou so much! I will put that to the seller and see what he says.. Cheers

Do you have this link?


Inky Lips Press
Jonesboro, Arkansas

I do, thanks Casey! Reading through the manuals now for information that might help.

Appreciate your help!

Do plenty of research and don’t rush in to a purchase here. You say you are new to this, so don’t get over excited. These heidelberg windmills are not particularly scarce, and they take a bit of training to operate effectively, so be sure you know what you are getting into. They are great machines when you have a good one,but this is not exactly a beginners press.
I would also make a point of examining any Heidelberg windmill in person, with someone who is familiar with them. There are a lot of parts on a heidelberg, and this one is likely from the 50’s or earlier, (see the black ball), so there are 60+ years for things to dissapear. Also, many are just used for diecutting and scoring, and parts get lost that way too.
If the seller has been running it for printing recently, it should be in tact, but you need an educated set of eyes to check this out before you put your money down. Best of luck :)

There are a lot of little parts that go to the windmill, they are not terribly scarce but windmill parts are very very very expensive. Dick g.

Natron & Dick

Thanks alot for your advice! Great to know we have a community of people here to help us in our journey.

This is very much a chicken before the egg scenario but there’s something refreshing and exciting about jumping right in the deep end! We will not be bidding high for the press, so if we are lucky enough to get it at a steal it wont be a great risk. We’re looking forward to having a big, beautiful and complex machine ready and waiting for us to study intently and learn from over time… allbeit from scratch (and with the help from experienced people like yourselves).

This press has been used for printing and apparently is in ‘great’ condition with no known missing parts. Unfortunately it’s in another state and the auction ends tomorrow midday which counts out any opportunity to view it before purchasing (or winning the bid!). We understand this is not ideal. Luckily I have a handyman for a Dad - he’s very good with anything mechanical and is looking forward to getting his mitts on a Heidelberg. I must admit, if this wasn’t the case we’d be thinking harder about jumping in the deep end so quickly!

Thanks again for your advice! We’ll see how it goes tomorrow.. Fingers and toes crossed.


From the photo, it looks like the feed table is not on the press. It may have just been pulled off for some reason, but i can’t imagine why.
It is too bad there are not more photos from another angle to see if there are any other things askew. I don’t see form rollers attached, but those are readily available. As was said, most all of the parts are available, but very pricey. Replacing too many parts will add up to more cost than just purchasing a windmill in good shape. I don’t really think of Windmills as a press that one wants to try to ‘restore’, like people do with vandercooks or C&P’s. They’re are plenty of windmills out there, so it’s best to wait for one in good shape. And I wouldn’t be surprised if there was one in your neck of the woods as well. I don’t want to sound like a downer, just want you to make the right call.
With a press like the one above its just too tough to evaluate from one such photo.
I wish you the best of luck :)

Thanks natron. We had the chance to outbid the highest bidder but we hesitated very last minute. We’re feeling a bit bummed (it sold for $1200!) but we thought it would be best to take your advice and wait. We’re not in any rush really, it just seemed like a good opportunity. I just hope we wern’t silly for not snapping it up, with it going for such a good price and all. We’ll keep our eyes and ears open…


I don’t think you will regret it. yes, $1200 is cheap, but just that feed table alone (assuming it was missing) could be hundreds of dollars. New rollers and cores, could be a couple hundred each (times 4 rollers), you see where i am going here. A handy guy could do some basic repair, but if something is wrong with the gripper head, or the clutch, or the motor, you need some expertise as well. It gets expensive fast.
I see fully intact, almost ready to run windmills for around $3000, pretty routinely. These would be presses from a similar era, with the black ball, etc.
I know a fancy, newer windmill can be upwards of $6000, which is pricey, but you really want the best machine you can afford. The windmills are production presses, and need to be up to snuff to run in an enjoyable way.
And, again, they are not super scarce. This won’t be the one that got away, in my opinion. Start reading up on the press models you are interested in, and see if you can make friends with someone in your area that could act as an expert set of eyes, in the event that one shows up.

I have two Plattens. Serial numbers.

103801 E
18758 O
They seem to be pre 1950 and I can’t pick up the year they were manufactured.
Help pse.
They both have metal balls [knobs]

103801/E is .918” type height, (E) and age 1955. Its a DRUPA 1954 model and should have a black Bakelite impression knob.

18758/0 is a SUPERSPEED model ca. 1935 and will have a cast iron impression knob.

Thank you Nick I slipped up the Drupa does have a black impression knob .

glad the info was helpful Louis.

Try this website. It lists the serial numbers for each year.


Hi Claire
Where are you Located?
You can try Bogg’s Graphics in Cleveland Ohio www.boggsequipment.com
They have many windmills at great prices I bought a late model in perfect shape delivered for $2000. They can deliver or ship anywhere. You can also find their auctions at www.wirebids.com they usually have at least 1 a month
Here is their address.
14901 Broadway Ave
Maple Heights, OH 44137
Phone: (888) ­837-­8101 ask for Jack or Chris
They will help you find a good one

can anyone help identify the year for Heidelberg Windmill 10x15 — serial number 112 208 E