August issue of Galley Gab published

Download the free PDF copy (773 KB) of Galley Gab at this site:

Some of the articles in this issue:

**Smithsonian Institution tells about their huge letterpress collection and its future there.

**On saving ink

**One of Steve Pratt’s tabletop Albion’s get a new home

**A sure-fire lockup

**Print shop in a box

**My early years at L.A. Type

…and more!

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Hey Mike,
Congratulations on another great issue. I really like the new page format. Keep ‘em coming.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

Another well-produced and very interesting issue. Thank you. I particularly enjoyed the article about the most innovative use of a semi-trailer box. Now that’s thinking ‘inside the box’! Saving ink was informative as well, however, a perhaps simpler method - and one that will delight a re-cycler’s heart - is the use of discarded toothpaste tubes. Simply cut open the bottom end, clean well, load with ink, fold the end twice, then seal with electrical tape. Lasts forever, easy to use, and is reminicent of the Kelsey product - only the tubes are more colourful.
Your changing of the paper’s format is in keeping with the position espoused by the once-popular, ‘Linotype News’. It, too, saw change as progress, not as change for change sake. I took their advice (some say too far) and for one year used alliteration in all news heads. Quite a challenge to keep the head relevant to the story at times! But it did increase circulation of my modest rag as readers eagerly awaited the sometimes convoluted wording therein.
Anyway, it’s a great pleasure reading your publication, and you are to be commended for the doing.