Looking for info on printing blocks

Hi there,

I wondering if anyone can tell me anything about these rose printing blocks.

The first picture is of one I received along with some other type I purchased a few years ago, and the second is a couple of blocks a fellow printer recently contacted me about because she thought they might belong to the same series and she was wondering if I had any more information about them.

Since I had not considered the fact that my single block might be part of a series I hadn’t thought too much about where it came from, but with this new information I’m quite curious.

All the blocks are 48pt, if that helps.

If anyone knows anything about the origin of these (or of any other designs in the series) please let me know. I’ll be passing along any info to the other printer also, we both love the designs and will treasure these pieces regardless of knowing anything more!

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image: Bembo&Roses_6.jpg


image: IMG_0373.jpg


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Yes these appear to be part of a collection from ATF called Floral Decorators. If you have access to the 1923 ATF specimen book in person or online they are on pages 754 and 755. I may have a couple of the others available as well.
If you need further details call me at (516) 633-5107

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Hi again,

Realized that the first image I uploaded before was not showing up, so I’m trying a smaller file (it was rather large before).

Thanks Larry for your findings, the blocks from my fellow printer do appear to be from this collection. I’m not seeing my block though (maybe because my pic wasn’t working). Do you have specimen books from other years that might be expanded to include this one too?

I know the owner of the other blocks will be excited to know the origins of her pieces.


image: BemboRoses.jpg


Various foundries cast similar pieces. To simplify the search look at the sides of the block to see any pin marks. These are generally circles with identifying symbols that indicate which foundry cast the piece. If you can get back to me with that info I can check other specimen books for you or point you to some online sources.

Ok, I remembered to find this block again when I was at the studio today and take new photos of the sides. Also made me realize the block is 84pt not 48pt as I said previously (that was the size my fellow printer said her blocks were). I’m doubting that makes much difference in finding it though.

As far as I can tell there are no marks within the two deep circles on the one side. The other shows the 84.

Let me know if that tells you anything new.

And thanks again for your wonderful knowledge!

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This pin mark shown with a line across the center of the circle was one used by Americcan Type Founders Co. early in the twentieth century, circa 1905-1910, and maybe a few years later.

Hi Bob,

Thanks for the info. Now at least I know where to concentrate my searching when I have the chance to look through the old catalogues.