Ink Table Operating Dog Fix?

Hi, all,

Hoping someone can help in this area! I just acquired my first press, a Kelsey Excelsior 5 x 8 (Model U).

During thoroughly cleaning, investigating, and testing, I’ve noticed that the ink table operating dog does not engage with the ink disc at the proper angle, making it very difficult to depress the handle and causing slight damage to the dog and the ink disc teeth with each revolution. It appears that the operating dog and lever fall too low after each revolution to engage the correct tooth to begin another revolution, as well.

I have confirmed that all parts are original (both the ink disc and the operating dog). I have read from this source ( that this phenomenon is common with this type of press, but that it can be repaired. However, no further instruction or advice is given.

Does anyone know how to correct this?


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The vertical rod that supports the dog may not be at the correct angle for optimal engagement with the ink disk. We have seen this more than a few times. The rod simply gets bent most likely from the impression lever being in the down position with the ink disk off while the press is being moved or stored. Carefully bend it back to its 90 degree position. Go slow as it doesn’t take much to dial it in. Support the rod close to its connection point. Be tender yet firm.