Monotype Coupon Border

I was interested to see that P22 has just announced a set of Monotype sorts cast at Bixler Type Foundry, along with a matching digital font. Included are Glint Ornaments and Coupon Border. GREAT project.
I only saw Glint Ornaments from the Beriner foundry, but Coupon Border was at EVERY Monotype foundry, except all sets were slightly different. There’s a common main unit, but three possible corners, and nobody had all three. The Bixler set misses the smallest corner unit. If you examine the glyphs available in the P22 digital version, they are in the last three lines.
Has anybody here seen a specimen with a COMPLETE set of Monotype Coupon Border?

[answering my own question, I found the LA Type version, with 3 corners and 2 border units]

image: LA.coupon126.jpg


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