Adana HS.3 Runner/Roller Size/Measurements?

Hello everyone!

Apologies if this has already been covered - however couldn’t find anything so far - I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to share with me the measurements from a HS3 runner roller, as I have the opportunity to be able to give machining/lathe a go and thought I could make my self a nice set instead of buying the standard from Calson and kicking my project off!

Thank you very much for anyone’s time or help! :)

The dimensions I need are:

The hole diameter,
The full diameter,

The full height of the rollers,
The height of the inner part of the roller,
And the height of the two layers

(EDIT: Height in relation to the orientation of the photograph - as I thought this was a bit confusing)

I hope that makes sense and would love to hear from anyone who has also successfully made their own runners :)

image: Screenshot_20210401-113553__01.jpg


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Thank you very much! :)