Same Heidelberg Windmill for Ink and Hot Foil?

How hard would it be to changeover a Windmill from an ink set-up to a hot-foil setup and back again on a regular basis?

I’d like to have both capabilities, and it would be nice to have one machine, but would I be looking at hours of work for a changeover, rather than minutes?

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It’s no problem at all; I had 2 windmills with lockouts (which is a must). I could change over in less than 10 minutes. I was running Liepelt sidewinder units, so I could run a 2000’ foot roll off the side. I’m not sure who is making a side draw unit now, but that is the way to go. BTW, I am down to 1 windmill now, no foil at all, it’s great, but there are times I’d like to have a second windmill. Just for convenience.

Thanks for the insight and advice! I can definitely deal with that kind of changeover, but yes, having two presses would be ideal.