Cranes Lettra for inkjet or laser?

I am creating a line of letterpress imprintable announcements and wanted to know if anyone had any experience with Cranes Lettra for this type of application? I am also looking at the Cranes Kid Finish…I want to get a deep impression for the letterpress, but also be able to have the option of running it thru an inkjet or laser. Can anyone give me any advice/suggestions on the subject.?


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The Crane’s Lettra (110#) is too thick for most printers. Additionally, since the paper is not sized I’ve found that inks (pen, and most likely inkjet inks) bleed.

They’ll send you free samples to try out for yourself.

In the end, I’m not sure you’ll be able to get a really deep impression, since the thick papers you want to use won’t be good for most standard desktop printers.

Seconding albertine on this one. We use the Lettra for our letterpress work and love it for that. However, coming back and flat printing directions, even on commercial presses, is a less than pleasant experience. The weight and texture of the Lettra stock is not conducive to flat print.

I recently put crane lettra 110# through my ink jet printer…it actually looks quite nice. I had to put one piece through at a time. I have a canon pixma iP6600D printer. Downside…it really soaks up the ink, so need for more cartridges is likely. (this can get expensive)