Update on registering press names

The subject of press names is one that is frequently discussed. It was introduced in the Discussion forum at http://www.briarpress.org/2520. The project has been on our books for a long time. Due to time and financial constraints, the completion of the current upgrade of Briar Press has been a slow process. I can’t tell you exactly when the section on press names will be functional online, but the database has been built and we have been quietly registering new names.

Note 2/12/08: We expect to have the International Register of Private Press Names online within a week with online instructions and registration.

Some people are not familiar with the existence or purpose of the original Check-Log of Private Press Names. If you wish to register your press name, more information can be found at http://www.briarpress.org/5900. Read and consider the information carefully. Rules for the online version of the Check-Log follow the tradition of the printed editions, but will change and expand in order to adapt to the potentials offered by the Internet.

If you feel that your press name qualifies for inclusion in our database, you can register more efficiently online once the database is live, or follow the directions in the above link.

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