Best paper

Curious if anyone knows the best paper to use to print handmade sticker designs on press?

Thank you

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Try Mohawk Superfine Label. It is available from in small quantities. It will print beautifully.

Thank you!

While we’re here:

I’m a beginner looking for a smooth paper or suitable for messing about on a Kelsey 5x8. I can tell from initial experiments that I need something smoother than the run-of-the-mill laser printer stock I have lying around, but I’m overwhelmed by the choices at Glodan!

Thanks in advance.

Avins Hardware

Try Mohawk superfine smooth, in a cover stock. I’m currently using 100 lb cover for a series of prints, and it is a lovely paper to work with. Smooth and dense. Although if you want deep impression, you would want to stick to something more pillowy, such as the cotton based stocks, although they tend to not be smooth.

Brent, thank you!

It’s the pillowy stuff I keep finding when I see papers advertised as being suitable for letterpress, but the deep impression is outside the abilities of my wee Kelsey.

Personally I don’t go for deep impression, as I mostly use old cuts and type for my printing. Mohawk Superfine Smooth is one of the nicest, smoothest papers I have printed so far. It’s probably about the smoothest you can go without getting into gloss coated papers. Another suggestion for you to get a feel for different thicknesses, finishes, and styles of paper, is to order some swatch books from different paper manufacturers. Good luck!

Swatch books is a great idea!

Flurry from Boxcar?

Flurry from Boxcar prints beautifully!