Tudor—Not Tudor

Listed as Tudor but not Tudor, would appreciate any help in ID’ing this one.

image: IMG_0085.jpg


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The typeface shown appears to be Yonkers. It’s a pre-1900 type that was cast by ATF and is shown in the 1900 ATF Desk Book.

Yonkers is rare to find these days.

The proof above has a capital “I” in the capital “L” position.

What size is the type in the proof? There are a couple lower case variants apparently.

Michael Vickey
Nickel Plate Press

image: yonkers-atf.JPG


Hi Michael,

Wow thank you for finding this for us! Much appreciated. I see now that we did not proof a capital L. I believe this size is a 30pt or 36pt that we proofed.

Schwabacher is the German language equivalent of this face (also by ATF). Frank.