Dull slug cutter

Any recommendations for sharpening a dull/uneven edge on my Rouse slug cutter? I have used this very little since acquiring it years ago as a gift. Currently it is cutting at an angle (slug produced is wider along the edge nearer to the operator).

I imagine it can be reground to flat but I’m not sure how important it is to achieve a specific angle or bevel? Can I just grind it against sandpaper on a flat surface?


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A tool sharpening service should be able to do it accurately and inexpensively, and a *good* tool sharpening service should be able to fabricate a new set if you need it.

Shop around… I’ve had some smaller blades sharpened and it would have been cheaper to buy a new one.If you built a small inventory of these, it would prob cost the same to sharpen 2-3 pcs as it is to sharpen one.

anieto3,Sometimes it’s the alignment of the shear blade mechanism. Also the shear blade can be removed and a 600 grit emory paper can do the job of smoothing the cutting edge. best james