Line-o-scribe inking issue

Hey everyone! I found an old thread where another user was perhaps asking this same question but now I’ve lost track of it and it also didn’t have any photos.

I have a line-o-scribe that I bought about 5 years ago, and I use it all the time but forgot until recently that it actually came with an inking system. From what I’ve seen on the internet elsewhere the only piece missing from my set up seems to be the ink palette/table part (I do have the extension to the press to hold this part though).

I attempted to make my own quickly just to test things out. However, I noticed that when I inked up the rollers there were these strange lines. I am having a hard time figuring out where the lines are coming from, whether from the form rollers or the rider roller. Attached are some photos and a photo of some wood type that also shows the texture.

Basically, I’m not sure if its rubber rollers, metal roller, or ink palette (although I don’t think it’s this because it shows the lines even when I took it away). And then, depending on who is the culprit - how do I fix it.

I am thinking it’s the metal roller, but any and all ideas would be so appreciated! Also if anyone knows of a place to get the rubber rollers recovered I’d like to do that.

Thank you!

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I can’t seem to upload the photos to this thread so here is a google drive link to them!

It is difficult to tell from the photo’s but the rollers look hard and glazed, replacement might be a good idea. As a stop gap solution maybe the rollers could be deglazed using a roller cleaner paste and maybe fine kitchen scouring pad, nothing to loose if you aim to get them recovered. Try one to start with.

Hi Frank,

Thank you for that advice, I’ll try to get my hands on some roller cleaner. Do you know of the best place to get them recovered?


I got mine from Ramco in San Dimas, CA.

Sorry Phoebe, can’t help with the recovering as I am based in the UK, but good luck with your project.

I like to use type wash. Some printers use Coleman fuel, or white gas. You can dab a wet cleaning rag in pumice powder to scrub off the glaze. An abrasive cleaner like Ajax also works. Like Frank said, those rollers look hard. Recovering them might be your best option.