Mover Needed for Press - Houston

In search of an equipment mover. Someone who’s experienced moving a Heidelberg windmill press. I’m just north of Houston in the Conroe/The Woodlands area.

The press is currently in my garage studio and will be moved to another residence not far away.

Any references or info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.

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Get a quote from a car mover - a tilt/flatbed “wrecker” is perfect for moving presses. They can winch it up onto the bed, level it off, chain it down, and reverse the procedure at the delivery end.

Windmills have a hole in the top of the bed for a lifting eye, better than sliding and much better that using a forklift from underneath.
(Search around the forums here for more info about moving them.)

Another way is to put 2 bars through the 4 holes inthe base and jack up using a pallet truck until high enough to put a pallet/skid under the machine. It’s not quite that simple but I have moved my press twice this way.