Blackletter ID help

I am having trouble identifying this typeface. The caps remind me of bold Tudor black, but the lowercase is more like Bradley. Does anyone happen to know this one? It has no pinmark, but the rest of the type in the cabinet was from Hansen in Boston.


image: 1black.jpg

image: 2black.jpg

image: 3black.jpg

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Does this have a triangular nick? That feature would mark it as a Hansen type face, for sure.

Good question, Frank. The other fonts had the triangular nick, but these do not. The 12 point size of this face has this simple 12 pinmark, but I don’t have much else to go on.

image: B53229F5-04D1-4010-BEBB-EE79AFB6580C.jpeg


I believe this is Tudor Text from Barnhard Bros & Spindler.

image: uc1.31822038209771-seq_191.jpg


this and other specimens are linked from that Fonts In Use page

image: souvenir00spingoog_0073.jpeg


Thanks, guys. Stephen- I think you nailed it!