Tabletop Press Identification

Can you please help me identify what press this is?
I bought this press at the Printing Museum in Houston and it needs a few parts. I’d like to identify it, to find the parts if possible. Thanks

image: 3x5 press.jpg

3x5 press.jpg

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It doesn’t match perfectly, but it looks a whole lot like this Hohner Model D on letterpress commons.

Based on the design, paint, and how clean that is, I would assume it is a similar Hohner press. They are relatively new compared to some other brands.


Thanks for the info and I cracked up about the fact that the press fell on Dave Churchman’s leg. Ouch!

R.I.P. Dave, he was a great guy!

Anyway, I have further information about the press. I found a stamp on it when I did a thorough inspection with a flash light. The stamp says Nicholson File Co. see attached picture and link. But, not sure what that company has to do with table top printing presses. Any clues?

image: IMG3256.JPG


Looks like a worn-out Nicholson file has been cut down to be a bumper or spacer, certainly not original to the press.