Monotype #463 Rundgotisch

Does anyone have a specimen of Monotype #463 Rungotisch? (not to be confused with Monotype #483 Uhlen Rungotisch, shown below). Berthold Wolpe has been credited with designing both in the late ’30s, and I’m trying to determine their differences.

image: UhlenRundgotisch.png


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Hello Bill, I have both Sample pages in my Monotype specimen books. I will need to scan them and post, which I will try to do in the next 24 hours. The pages unlike most of the Monotype specimens do not include a full alphabet but there is enough material for comparison.

Frank - not in any of my US specimen books, or the few UK monotype books that I have, or on line anywhere. Thank you!

Hello again Bill,
Here are the scans from the Monotype speciments for 463 and 483.
hope this helps. if you need a higher res scan contact me directly.

image: monotype 483001.jpg

monotype 483001.jpg

image: monotype 483002.jpg

monotype 483002.jpg

image: monotype 463002.jpg

monotype 463002.jpg

image: monotype 463001.jpg

monotype 463001.jpg