ATF Cloister Initials

Some of you might not follow the letterpress Facebook groups, so I wanted to put a note here that the final Greg Walters cast ATF Cloister initials have been fonted up and are for sale at DRY Inc. It appears supplies are quite limited and the money will go to continuing Greg’s work with the Printing Stewards.


image: image_77ade4f0-c9cc-4f70-8f7f-e6eaa31776c9_110x110@2x.png

image: image_83fcc4e9-58bd-4014-9ea1-302791b7ee22_110x110@2x.png

image: IMG_8867_110x110@2x.jpg

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Now sold out.

I hope you got some!


The initial batch sold out very quickly, DRY now has some they are selling that will be shipping to them very soon.

I just grabbed one of the 72 point sets myself, I doubt there will be too many left.