Windmill gripper not gripping tightly

10 x 15 windmill. The grippers seem to not grip the paper firmly (on the inside, not the flywheel side). This issue is really noticeable on thinner paper. Both grippers are this way, although one is noticeably worse than the other.
Almost acting at times like the sheet is not getting in to the gripper far enough.

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A couple of things to look at, check the gripper springs are not broken, if there are any broken springs there’s not much you can do apart from replacing the gripper arms. The other thing to check is the rubber strip on the gripper surface. The chances are that the outer edges are worn.
Look at the manual to see about replacement.

Hope this helps

Thanks Frank. I have been running this press for 27 years, and did not know about the rubber strip. My manual doesn’t say anything about replacing that. As old as these are, might be time to replace the entire gripper.

Hi, have a look on the Letterpress Commons web site and the 10 x 15 manual page 106 re the rubber strip. It might be worth a try first.

That is a different manual than the one I have. Thanks for your help Frank. I had no idea that replacing the rubber was even possible. Mine are so worn you really would not know there was ever any rubber there to begin with.
Thanks again.