Seeking measurements to build C&P treadle

Hello all. I recently adopted a Chandler & Price 10x15” Old Style, which had been run with a motor and separated from its original treadle.

I’m looking to fabricate a treadle for it. Actually, I’ve already made a prototype, but it’s not working quite right, so I’m looking to check my work against the measurements of a proper original treadle.

If anyone could provide me the major specs — overall length of the treadle, distance to the attachment point for the hook, length of the hook, etc — I’d be most grateful. I’ve never looked at one in person closely enough to even know which direction the hook is meant to be facing.

Thank you!

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Hi, So I have an old style treadle for a 10x15 C&P. It was cast from a mold of my original treadle. (See Photo) I can sell you for 200 plus shipping, you just need to get the hook.

image: 10x15_treadle.jpg


I once made a 10x15 treadle out of a bar and some checkerplate, which worked fine. I extended the bar out to (from memory) to just past the feed table.

The treadle pivots on the bar near the ground at the rear of the machine, so all the pressure there is upward when you’re pushing down, so I put a light clamp on the top of the treadle connection to hold it onto the bar.

The important consideration is making sure the treadle “hangs” off the flywheel crank - that way if the press is rolling and you accidentally put your foot under the treadle, it’ll just ride up on the crank and not crush your foot.