Line O Scribe with rubber type

Does anyone know if the Line O Scribe that uses rubber type works with wood and metal type? Based on the photos, the roller height appears to be adjustable, but the frisket doesn’t look like it would work with traditional type.


image: BEF521A5-339F-4E2F-B460-0BFBBDC92218.jpeg


image: D115BEDB-3B0C-4E8E-993C-3544222D69FE.jpeg


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Line-O-Scribe rubber type is only about one-third the height of standard metal and wood type, so it seems doubtful that there would be enough adjustment in the roller to allow the use of normal-height type.

Looks like a Showcard Press. I don’t see any room for metal or wood type Here’s a link from

One of the two companies with the Line-O-Scribe name produced metal type but it was not the standard .918” height.