Univers 14pt wanted in UK

Hi all

I would like to source a couple of cases of Univers 14pt medium - I have one case but it’s not enough so would love to get an extra case (or two) if possible.

I’m based in the UK. The type I have is marked MTF - I think this is founders type isn’t it?

If anyone has any available, either now or at any time in the future please shout. Also if anyone has any suggestions of UK sources for this - maybe someone still producing type please let me know.

Thank you very much

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MTF stands for the old Mouldtype Foundry in Lancashire.
jhat firms collecton of equipment was bought and shipped complete to Japan. However they stuff they cast was always
spot on for alignment. Problem for you is that any
Univers offered to you may have been more recently amateur cast and the alignment may differ. Ask them to send two specimen cap M and compare with what you have before you part with cash. In passing the Monotype corporation had a series of ‘getting the alignment right methods down the years and only the last - ”alignment slips’ was really foolproof.

You could try Stan Lane at Gloucester Typesetting, he will amost certainly ask you for some sample characters for alignment purposes. Something to watchout for is body size, I have use of Univers rangeing from 6pt to 36pt - 8 trays for each size but some are on didot body size so the matching spaces are required. There are other typessetters out there.

Duplicate entry

Duplicate entry

Thanks both, good intel

There is always the original foundry cast Univers made in France. I have several hundred packages that state “Created and manufactured for American Type Founders by Deberny Peignot, Paris France. All rights reserved. Made in France.” That was across 21 variations of the face. It was never popular in the U.S. and I think it is offered by M&H Type in San Francisco. It was far eclipsed by the Helvetica type face collection. My Univers collection is for sale in case anyone has an interest.

Thanks Fritz I’ve reached out to M&H exciting to know there is a working foundry even if shipping will probably be quite painful.

In terms of the packages you have, are they for sale, do you have some 14 med you’d be willing to part with or is it a huge job lot?

Thank you for your help

The type I have, in total several thousand packages, is for sale by the package. I have what was in stock by ATF when they had their bankruptcy sale in 1993. For Univers, I would have to have the series number to make sure we had the right face. Foundry type, like I have, will not match the same face cast by Monotype machines for alignment. The 14 pt. is priced at $32 for Caps and $38 for lowercase, if they are in stock, and again, I need the series number. I grabbed a package of Univers 73 figures off the shelf and it is 24 pt Small, meaning they cast a small face in 24 pt and also a large face in 24 pt. This is a type face that causes a lot of confusion.