Struggling to find a Tabletop machine in the UK

Hi everyone,
as the title says, I’m really struggling to find a tabletop machine (not Adana) I’ve widened my search to a working foot operated machine and that too is proving difficult to find.
Next I was wondering if anyone has purchased from the USA or has anyone from the USA shipped anything over here and wouldn’t mind sharing what is involved please.
I do see the odd nice machine for sale, but sellers appear unwilling to take anything to do with shipping, so even this route may prove very difficult. Hoping someone can share their experience, thanks in advance.

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Look on machine seeker, there are 2 in europe for sale at present.

Thank you Frank, I wasn’t aware of that site.

Do look here as well:
Most sellers would like the buyer to come and pick up though. But a trip from the UK to the continent is not that complicated to organise.

Thank you Thomas

You will have to remember issues with type height if you purchase from Europe. Will have to shim up UK TYPE.


Thanks Frank, i wasnt aware of that issue, worth keeping that in mind and not rushing…

Hi Dolmen,

I’ve just seen two for sale on ebay (UK)

A Farley for 1k start bid, also Harrild Pullman galley press with a v. low start price.

Good luck!

My goodness the Harrild Pullman is in some condition, I’m sure it will go quite a bit more than the bids that are on it presently!

Getting someone to uplift and deliver something like that over here is proving to be difficult, and then theres the outrageous prices they can ask :-(

Thanks for bringing both to my attention as they had not come up in my saved searches…

If I see anything smaller and easier to ship I’ll let you know.

That will be appreciated, thank you

Probably not what you are after, but…Titan treadle letterpress printing press on Ebay.
Sold by a tiny foundry by the looks of it.

Thanks sparrow, another one that had slipped through my saved search. One good thing for the new owner is that it has been used at least up until the last decade, so hopefully easily got back into action.